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Hormonal Theraphy

Health and wellness is a unique and personal to each person, through extensive testing based on your individual health history and symptoms, we are able to determine the best protocol in optimizing your health. Our full line of services includes:


  • Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

  • Age-Management/Preventive Medicine

  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Weight Management - Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

  • Nutritional Evaluations

  • Cognitive Enhancement with Memory Protectors

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Customized Nutritional Supplements


Bio Identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Medical Researchers have proven a direct connection between aging, with all its inevitable maladies, and decreased hormone production. 

Because everyone's hormone production decreases as they age, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy was created to restore balance and level of hormones you had when you were in your prime Ñ helping you to both look and feel younger! Restore Natural Hormones Levels Ñ and set the clock back on aging. 

Now, it is possible to create biologically identical hormones that can be used to restore your normal hormone levels. You can live many more productive, healthy, enjoyable years than you realized was possible.


Natural versus Synthetic Hormones

Drug manufacturers have created synthetic hormones that attempt to mimic natural hormone function - yet are structurally different enough from natural hormones to be patentable. These synthetic hormones often produce the desired effect; however they come with more negative side effects then their worth, side effects such as bloating, headaches, fatigue, weight gain and possibly cancer. Most often this puts you on more and more medication to counter act the side effects. Because of our commitment to your wellness we prescribe only natural hormones, hormones that possess the identical structure and function as the substances created by our bodies. With our specialized individualized system you will get the benefit of balancing your hormones without having to battle side effects.

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