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Weight Management 

Weight is a rapidly growing difficulty for people these days, every day we hear radio or commercials, news programs, and books telling us that America has a growing obesity crises and that we need to loose weight. There are millions of books, self help programs, articles, and opinions on how to loose weight. Each claming to be the best and latest miracle in helping you shed pounds! 

The truth is that your body is highly unique system, what works for your neighbor may not work for you. There is no magic pill that will make you loose fat and keep it off. Persistence and dedication is needed to really change poor or risky health into high quality health. Excess body fat can in a very real way kill; heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, among a long list of other problems can and will happen if you are not attentive to what your body is going through. 

There are thousands of people who say to themselves: "Yes I know I need to do something about my weight, I will start tomorrow", or they say "Yes I need to do something but I don't know what to do", or "how do I start?". And by the next time they see their doctors they get the news that now it's too late. 

Don't be one of the many out there suffering alone and in silence. We have created a personalized Weight Management Program so armed with information and support you don't have to guess where or how to begin, what medications are helpful, or what you can do. 

We provide personal one-on-one weekly visits, to monitor your progress and help keep you comfortable, confident, and making progress. Comprehensive bio-impedance analysis of your body fat and water content, with this information you can have a better awareness of what to focus on. 

Weight loss medications are an important support for weight management. Reducing appetite, promoting the feeling of being full and enhancing fat-burning can be greatly enhanced with the right medications. We will also introduce you to clinically approved medical meals, meals with high quality proteins to help build muscles and Pharmaceutical grade supplements that help by restoring your body's energy. 

Our Weight Management Program focuses on various components involved in weight loss and is designed to help:

  • Restore Insulin sensitivity by reducing caloric intake and staying away from foods that raise blood sugar, resulting in elevated insulin levels and the storage of body fat.

  • Achieve a youthful hormone balance - Many hormones can contribute to weight gain and optimal balance is important. High levels of estrogen, less-than-optimal thyroid levels and low levels of testosterone and DHEA can contribute to weight gain.

  • Normalize brain serotonin - Serotonin deficiency has been associated with carbohydrate binging and overeating patterns.

  • Increase physical activity

  • Adopt a long-term healthy eating lifestyle and more!

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