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At Doctor for Life we help our customers to restore confidence & natural beauty 

My mission

My name is Dr. Harag and I am a dedicated and passionate physician who cares deeply about her patients and their families. My passion and enthusiasm about living is transmitted to my patients who receive the latest in what medicine has to offer. Open-minded and concerned about what my patience have to say, I believes that wellness comes from a strong relationship between doctor and patient. Understanding and compassion along with experience and knowledge make me an outstanding physician, having a great impact on the lives of my patients.



Dr. Irina Harag has been taking care of my health for over 10 years. Her methods and approach are cutting edge and she is always on top of issues. Number of my fights took place in the past because of her knowledge, expertise and timely involvement. I am very fortunate to have her in my corner and in my life. Thank you Dr. Harag!

Irina Harag is an amazing doctor and we are trusting her with our family's health for three generations.


Dr. Harag is very knowledgeable.

She keeps us all healthy with her preventive medicine approach.
With deep respect.

Dr. Irina Harag has helped me my entire life, from simple check ups to curing intense illness, she has always cared a tremendous amount about her patients. She practices from a place of love and it shows because going to the doctor, for me, isn’t something I fear, but something I look forward to because I know well that Dr. Harag will help me get through it.

- Andrei Arlovski - 

Actor and Former UFC Heavyweight Champion

-Yelena Roginsky-
President of Thermohelp Inc.

Elina Yeker


Visit Us

Irina K. Harag, M.D., Ltd
150 Half Day Road, Suite 101, 

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Phone 847 - 821 - 1070

Fax 847 - 821 - 1126


Monday 11-6.30 |  Tuesday 9-3  |  Wednesday 11-6.30  |  Thursday closed |  Friday 9-3  |  Saturday 9-1

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